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Property investment advice is so prevalent; it can be hard to know what’s for real – and what’s not. David Vinsen has been a property investor since 1978, and Mary Vinsen kick-started her investment property portfolio in the early 1990s when she purchased (and self-managed) 14 rental properties.

Between them, Mary and David Vinsen have experienced the peaks and troughs of the housing market, and know where to find the profits (and the pitfalls to avoid).

With Quinovic Parnell you can benefit from Mary and David Vinsen’s strategic advice before you even own an investment property. Indeed, consulting with Quinovic Parnell at an early stage enhances your success rate, as they will be able to suggest:

  • The type of property that gives the best returns;
  • How many properties you should buy; and
  • Where the best areas are for property investors in Auckland.

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Tips for Property Investors

When you’ve invested in property, you want your investment to be profitable and yield a good return. Yet far too often, the profits can be eroded and the property investor is left out of pocket.

Good news: Quinovic Parnell can provide you with strategic advice on how to make your investment property profitable. Mary and David Vinsen have more than 50 years of property investment and management experience

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The properties managed by Quinovic Parnell have the highest average rents in the areas they service.

Therefore if your investment property isn’t being managed by Quinovic Parnell, there’s a good chance that you’re not receiving as much rental income as you could be. If so, this will affect the profitability of your investment.

Get the best returns on your investment property:

Rental appraisals in Auckland are free, and obligation-free. You’ll also receive a management proposal so you can decide for yourself if you would benefit from Quinovic Parnell’s property management service.

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View your property profiles, financial and inspection reports