Property Management Services for Serious Investors

Are you looking for property management services that:

  • Are delivered by experienced property management industry professionals?
  • Have a track record of improving the performance of real estate assets?
  • Are systematic and professional – leaving you to focus on your core business?
  • Provide strategic advice on how to make your investment work harder for you?
  • Are available Auckland-wide?

Mary and David Vinsen (proud franchisees of Quinovic Specialist Residential Property Managers) are successful business people in their own right – as well as owners of their own profitable property portfolios. When you engage their property management services, you’ll have access to their inside knowledge and recipe for investment success.

Strategic Advice to Maximise Your Returns

Quinovic Parnell will offer you strategic advice before you even own an investment property. Indeed, consulting with Mary and David Vinsen at an early stage enhances your success rate, as they will be able to suggest:

  • The type of property that gives the best returns;
  • How many properties you should buy; and
  • Where the best areas are for property investment in Auckland.

Contact us for strategic advice on your property investment in Auckland.

Proven, Systematic Day-to-Day Property Management Services

If you already have an investment property or a property portfolio, you can benefit from Quinovic Parnell’s strategic approach to real estate property management services.

Quinovic Parnell can:

Quinovic Parnell are backed by a team of skilled Property Managers, who use proven and successful property management processes to deliver consistent results.

Connecting You to a High-Calibre Network of Strategic Partners.

A good lawyer and accountant who know how to structure property investments play a pivotal part in making property management successful and profitable. This is even more critical for overseas investors, who may not be familiar with New Zealand laws and tax regulations.

When you work with Quinovic Parnell, they will gladly introduce you to their network of expert strategic partners to take care of these important matters for you.

On a day-to-day basis, contractors are equally important, whether it’s for emergency repairs or planned renovations. You can trust Quinovic Parnell to manage such issues with your investment goals in mind.