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What is it like to rent from Quinovic Parnell?

As a tenant, it’s important that you feel happy, secure and looked-after in your Auckland rental property. We’re always there for you… you will always have a property manager available to help you with emergencies, 24/7. If you need any assistance, please call the Quinovic Parnell office on 09 373 4353 to obtain the contact details of the Duty property manager.

Here’s your guide as to what you can expect from Quinovic Parnell, and what your responsibilities are when renting from us.

There are three important things that you need to do before you move into your Auckland rental property:

  1. Complete your application form: Please be aware that we will contact the references you provide, and we will also carry out a credit check. This is our standard operating procedure.
  2. Pay your bond: Your bond payment plus your signed Bond Lodgement Form will be sent to the Department of Building and Housing’s Tenancy Services Centre. They securely hold your bond, and will provide you with a bond lodgement number.
  3. Rent payments in advance: Rent must always be paid in advance, on or before the due date. If you have any difficulties, please contact your property manager immediately – otherwise you can be assured that they will be contacting you.

At the beginning of your tenancy

You will need to check the Property Condition Report carefully, and ensure that it is accurate and comprehensive. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with your property manager. Once you’re happy with the Report you must give a signed copy to your property manager. This must be done within 7 days of beginning your tenancy.

You will also receive a CD with photographic records of the property.

The condition of the rental property will be compared to the Property Condition Report at the end of your tenancy. You are required to leave the property in the same condition as when you began your tenancy, excepting fair wear and tear.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that all services (telephone, internet, gas, electricity, Sky TV, and so on) are in your name when you move into the property.

What you need to do throughout your tenancy

Specific requirements are set out in your Tenancy Agreement, so please ensure you’re familiar with your legal obligations. There are penalties for failing to adhere to the conditions in your Tenancy Agreement, and the outline below is only intended as a summary.

  • Insurance: Quinovic Parnell strongly recommends that you arrange comprehensive contents insurance for your personal possessions, as your belongings are not covered by the property owner’s insurance.
  • Damage: You will be liable to pay for any damage that is caused by you, another occupier or a visitor to the property, if repairs or replacement are required.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Please report any requests for repairs and maintenance to your property manager in writing, or by email or phone. Quinovic Parnell will attend to the repairs as soon as possible, though we may need to obtain quotes and the property owner’s approval before work can commence. Please ensure that any trades people can gain access to the property at the agreed time. If they are unable to do so, you will be required to cover the cost of a callout. If you arrange for repairs or maintenance work yourself, you will be responsible for the cost, unless you can prove that it was an extreme emergency.
  • Property Inspections: Your property manager will inspect the property one month after you begin your tenancy, and every three months thereafter. If he or she has any concerns, more frequent visits may be required. You will always receive a letter advising the date and approximate time of all inspections, and you are welcome to be present if you wish.
  • Changes in occupancy and circumstances: Your Tenancy Agreement specifies the maximum number and the names of the people who may occupy the property. If the original occupants need to change, you must discuss this with your property manager first, as your property manager will need to provide prior approval. Also, please let us know straight away if you change your contact details or employment.

What happens at the end of your tenancy?

You must give notice at the end of your tenancy, and the procedure differs depending on the type of tenancy you have:

  • Periodic tenancies: You are required to provide, in writing, a minimum of 21 days’ notice to your property manager of your intention to vacate the property.
  • Fixed term tenancies: You must give your property manager at least 21 days’ written notice before the end of your fixed term tenancy as to whether you intend to vacate the Auckland rental property or continue the tenancy for a further fixed term. If you need to vacate the property prior to the fixed term due to unforeseen circumstances, you must contact your property manager to determine if arrangements can be made to help you exit your contract. If your request for an early exit is approved, you will be responsible for payment of all rent until another suitable tenant is found (and commences their tenancy), as well as any associated costs.

When you move out…

There are a number of important details that you will need to attend to when vacating the Auckland rental property:

  • Cleaning and gardening: You must ensure that the property is clean and that the garden is tidy. If commercial cleaning is required, the costs will be deducted from your bond.
  • Mail redirection: Contact NZ Post for your mail to be redirected to your new address.
  • Services: Organise final meter readings for your gas and electricity, and contact other service providers to arrange for the final billing to be sent to your new address.
  • Keys: Your tenancy ends when you return the keys to us, and you are responsible for rent payments until that time. If the keys are not returned, the locks will be changed and this cost will be deducted from your bond.
  • Bond refund: Your bond will be refunded to you promptly once you have fully vacated the property. If you have caused any damage or loss (such as unpaid rent), the Tenancy Tribunal may order all or some of your bond to be paid to the property owner.