Introducing Smoke & Heat Alarms that have a 10 year life battery that are both small, and pleasing to the eye!

Quinovic Parnell has had great feedback from our rental property owners regarding these smoke and heat alarms, stocked and installed by First Point Electrical. This product is a great idea for landlords who anguish over how to install an effective fire alarm system that can be relied upon.

First Point Electrical are excited to introduce a ground-breaking new smoke/heat alarm product to our valued clients:

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm for your rental property

CAVIUS is the world’s smallest Photoelectric Smoke Alarm.

The tiny, aesthetically pleasing Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has a diameter of 39mm, a penetrating sound at 85dB(A), and best of all, the battery is guaranteed to last for 10 years!

heat and fire alarms for your rental propertyThe clever people at CAVIUS have also produced the Thermal Heat Alarm. This is designed to detect a rapid change in temperature instead of smoke. This means you can install them right in the heart of your kitchen, without triggering it every time you cook!

Both devices are certified to EN14604, as well as being New Zealand Building Code compliant.

The long 10 year battery life, tiny size and wireless installation have made them a hit among rental property owners and property managers alike.

alarms for rental your propertyFirst Point Electrical will happily provide a free consultation to anyone interested in having these amazing little devices installed at their property!

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